Just for Fun, the Trollgod goes Berserk!

Well, now that I have your attention, I’d like to talk a little bit about the difference between being here in the Outer Sanctum and being inside Trollhalla in the Inner Sanctum.

The Inner Sanctum is where I hang out with the greatest champions of Tunnels and Trolls. There are all kinds of links and things available there, including our long-running Legend of Green Dragon game, that simply aren’t available here on the outside. This outside version is for news, articles, and forum discussion such as the ongoing T & T games. If you had been a member of the Inner Sanctum Elite you would have seen that video of me, and another one yesterday, Sunday, Jan. 6.

They are two separate places. Anyone can join the Outer Sanctum–get a password, and use the forums. The Outer Sanctum password does not work for the Inner Sanctum, and vice versa. If you’d like to come inside, find the join the Elite link at top of the page and follow the instructions. If your interest in T & T is just casual, then stay out here. Any really important news will get posted out here sooner or later–the inside is for fun.


The video above is an out-take from the video I made to promote the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls Kickstarter project, which is doing very well, thank you, mostly because of the heroic efforts of members of Trollhalla. If you would like to see how well we’re doing click this link. If you haven’t joined the “crusade” yet, but would like to secure the new rules and other goodies we’re offering, then follow the link and make a pledge. Do it now in order to get the early bird reward bonus. The special secret prize only lasts for a week, and 4 days are gone already. If you wait, you will miss it–even if you made the $10,000 pledge, you would miss it. (It’s only a magnet, but it is the most limited of magnets.)

Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls Kickstarter Page

As I write this we are very close to $43,000 and 600 supporters. Amazing! I happen to know that at $50,000 the first Milestone (stretch) goal kicks in, though it has not been announced yet. The FOTT is talking about what to include in that first Milestone.

NEWS FLASH!!! I just learned that someone bought my 1st edition of Tunnels and Trolls. That kind of guarantees that a facsimile edition will appear as part of the Deluxe package.

While I’m talking about things that are common knowledge to the Elite of the Inner Sanctum, did you know that there are all sorts of T & T-related sites on the web and products available through our friends at Drivethrurpg.com? It’s true. Hop over and search Tunnels and Trolls to see what you’ve been missing.

I sign all my personal emails to members of the Elite this way:

H’aaarrrggghhh! (trollish for in haste–I seem to always be in haste–there is so much that needs doing these days–not the parenthesis part–just the bellow in Khargish, the language of the Khargs, i.e. the Rock Trolls of Trollworld)
Khenn Arrth (my trollish name–only Inner Sanctum members have trollish names)

Who rocks?

Who rocks?

Welcoming a new member to Trollhalla

Greetings, O Wanderers of the Outer Sanctum,

I admitted a new member to Trollhalla today, and I thought it might be  useful to show exactly what happens when one takes the leap from outer to inner membership.  Accordingly, here is a copy of his acceptance letter.


Hola, Eophis,
and welcome to Trollhalla!  You have just joined the greatest group of Tunnels & Trolls fans in the world.
Now that you are a member there are a few things  you should know and do.
Go to Trollhalla.com and sign in.  You do that by clicking on the Inner Sanctum link at the top.
Your login is  your trollish name: Eophis or your email
Your password is that password you gave me.  I hope you remember it, because you can’t get in without it.
Once inside, the first thing you should do is introduce  yourself on the walla.  Poetry is traditional, but not required.  In your case you can post something in French (Elvish) if you wish.  We’re all multilingual and will get the gist of it.
Then go click every button on the menu column.  They don’t all work right now, but they all do something.  That will give you a better idea of what you can actually do in Trollhalla.
Remember that it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to use your trollish name in communications with the Trollgod.
Read all the back pages of trollhalla.com outer sanctum.
And login often.  Those who actually participate in trollhalla have a great time and make many good friends.  Those who merely lurk are called slugghs and are mostly wasting their time and mine.
H’aaarrrggghhh! (trollish for in haste)
Khenn Arrth (note: trollish name. you will always see it when I sign my letters, and I always sign my letters.)
Now, all members of the Inner Sanctum, they who are known as the Trollgod’s Elite (Minions)–haven’t you always wanted to be a minion?  Tis an honorable status.  Sometimes.  :)–have already seen such a letter once upon a time, but if you want to get in on the real T & T action–get into the back room with big boys and girls–there is an intelligence test you must pass.  Can you or will you do it?