Magical Stuff in Trollworld, Part 4

I borrowed this image from Dannnherrrrm's blog about wizards and staves. Thanks, Dannnherrrrm--it is clip art, right?



What do old wizards do when they tire of adventuring, or get so injured or so cowardly that they cannot continue?  Why, they open up a shop, of course, or become teachers for young wizards. (Back in the day I used to joke about Slumgullion’s School of Wizardry. I never made up a Slumgullion character–I got the name from wild stories that my father used to tell me when I was a kid.) The Wizards Guild and other Trollworld guilds always need wizards to enchant their merchandise and sell knick-knackery to the hoi polloi.  (It remains to be established what the daily wage is for such jobs, and whether it pays better than be a cargo handler down on the Khazan docks or not.)

Virtually every city and town in Trollworld has offices of the various guilds available to the public.  These guild offices all have guild shops.  And these shops all sell items to the public, thus earning the vast sums of money it takes to keep such organizations going.  There are even some guild shops in notable dungeons and trackless wastes. (Wherever the GM would like to establish such a place of business is a good place for it.)  The Dwarf god Gristlegrim maintains such an establishment in the camp of the dwarven followers that always camp out beneath the floating fortress.)  (The original Gristlegrim dungeon took the shape of a gigantic stone cube that drifted over the lands near the city of Khosht about a mile in the air.  The first challenge was getting up to it.  Various methods existed, including a rope ladder that dangled down all that distance and required 100 level 1 saving rolls on Strength to climb.  That gave way to a magical elevator, and later to a hot air balloon as ways of getting in.)

(If all guilds have shops, does that mean that the Thieves Guild has one?  How about the Beggars Guild?  Are those two guilds combined?  Logically, they would have shops.  Not all robberies take money–sometimes the desperate thief just carries off stuff.  Are these guild shops out in the open?  If someone burgles your house and takes the silverware, can the citizen player (or npc) go to the local Thieves guild shop and buy it back?  I’m not going to say, but it opens up whole new areas of out-of-dungeon play possibilities.) Continue reading «Magical Stuff in Trollworld, Part 4»