DT&T Release Party at Game Depot


I had 3 pieces. One of them was small. :-).

We sold about 40 copies of the paperback edition. This one:



Flying Buffalo had a table set up to sell books and give autographs. The entire Fellowship of the Troll was here, but Bear and I were out running games. Visible: Rick Loomis, Liz Danforth, and Steve Crompton.


We ran 3 games of T & T. Bear Peters is probably the best T & T GM in Arizona–I might have said the world, but I have gamed with a few really awesome people who can give him a run for his money–Thessaly Chance for one, Mark Thornton for another. (And I’m not bad (grin)). Everyone seemed to have a great time.

The man at the end of the table in the bowler hat is Bear Peters. We were all playing Ticket to Ride when I took this pic. (I won this game.) I was too busy at Game Depot to get a picture of him then. I had my own game to run. Also visible: Rick Loomis and his sister Laura Samuelsson. Steve Crompton is just out of sight on the right, and, of course, I’m taking the picture.


Nature even rewarded us afterwards with a spectacular sunset, followed by a gully washer thunderstorm. Mostly we like thunderstorms in Arizona.



Sometimes, life is good!


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Legal Deeds for Grand Panjandrums and other Rulers

Tonight, Steve showed me the deed he made up to send to all those worthies who bought land in Trollworld. Of course, you owners get to inscribe your own names and titles but these will be real collectibles. What other game ever gave out deeds of ownership in other worlds?




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