Trollworld Roads

Our world has roads that link pretty much every place to every other place, but the ancient world did not have such things. People didn’t travel much. Merchants had caravans or followed overland trails made by those who had gone before, or they put everything on a boat and sailed to their destination, but mostly when people travelled they just took off overland. The Romans changed everything. They went out and made roads, at least within the empire they made roads, and because they had roads, they could move their armies faster than most of their foes. They could also move goods and people around better. They even made roads in gods-forsaken corners of the empire like Britain. Khazan_Road (1) We are concerned with Trollworld. Are there many roads on Trollworld? I kind of think there are, even if the official Trollworld map doesn’t show them. There has been a Great Khazan Road connecting Khazan to Khosht since the earliest days of T & T. There’s a road leading out of Gull into the wilderness, even if we don’t know of any other cities on Phoron. There are roads following the shorelines of the Dragon’s Throat, and a road running downriver from Khosht to Knor. Yorrdamma Vrash has done a lot of world creation in Trollworld. He believes in roads. Here’s a map he sent me, and it seems like the road, and what you can reach on it is the main feature. For tvp, send me an email ( telling me what you think of the roads question. For lots of points, send me a map of your corner of Trollword (or whatever world you play in) and if there are roads between important places, be sure to show them. Note that roads are not the same as streets. Most cities and towns have streets. At first they were just the space between buildings, but as things got more organized, roads were actually planned, and sometimes even paved. Kings and nobles really hate mucking around in mud and dust. Streets allow one to get around on the ground inside urbs of different sorts. Roads connect urbs and other places with lots of non-urban space in between. Khaghbbooomm has commented on the roads in his part of the world. He says:

travel features a lot in the games on the Kraken Continent. I attach a map – roads are marked in green and underground canals in blue. There are not many major roads: distances are too great and the population too sparse; powerful wizards use spells, of course. There are many caravan routes and small, rough roads but most overland travel away from Khaboom requires a degree of protection. Dwarves have hacked out some underground canals (there are no major surface rivers); the seas to the west are dominated by kraken so shipping is not a viable option to connect the bigger towns in the west to other coasts.
Kraken_Map_with roads and canals
Here’s another roads contribution, this one from Europe. It shows a bit of that very first road I imagined to link Khosht and Khazan. It doesn’t show the riverside road between Khosht and Knor, but that’s ok. I don’t think I ever said much about that one, or showed it on any previous map of Rrr’lff.  It’s kind of interesting that the road penetrates into the desert for a ways and then just stops. It looks like it should continue on to Kartejan, but it doesn’t. It just stops. Methinks there is a story there. You know, there is a subterranean city of giant scorpion riders down there in that part of the desert somewhere (as told in my GM adventure HOT PURSUIT). Could the road have come too close to their hidden base, thus prompting attack after attack until the road-building was abandoned?
Carte du poitrail du dragon bis

Cartographers, show me your stuff! –end

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Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls Update

This information has just been posted on the DT&T update site, but I also wanted to share it here on Trollhalla for all those, like me, who don’t go to update websites very often.  This is a major change in how T & T characters start their adventuring careers, so look closely.


Rogues, Wizards and Warriors have special talents in the new dT&T rules.

This month, we are going to delve into some of the changes and adjustments that have been made to dT&T in regards to talents and character classes. This is new information that is not in the Beta test edition and was based on feedback and suggestions by playtesters and the Fellowship.

TO OUR PLAYTESTERS: A tweak is being made to how character types start, and by extension, to certain talents. These talents are in addition to all the talents and talent-based rules already established. These special qualities are for the benefit of their particular character classes, and the roles the character types fulfill in the world at large.

The biggest change is that warriors no longer get the weapon and armor bonuses as part of their type-template, but will still be able to take one or the other benefit automatically. Because all characters also get one “normal” talent at level one, a warrior may choose to take the other benefit as his or her L1 talent — and therefore, warriors CAN begin exactly where they started before this rule change. They just won’t get a “colorful” personality talent from the main list if they do…. they’ll have to get those later, paid for with APs or advancements in level.

Rogues, who had no special qualities in the Origins beta, now have an extensive selection of free-if-you-don’t-fumble qualities, and can select abilities that mirror warrior and wizard qualities (with limitations). Their unique options are particularly suited to the underlying concepts of being a rogue in T&T.

Professional Abilities

Every character type receives ONE special talent or ability at the time they are rolled up, available only to members of that type of character — a “Special Studies” ability, which could also be called “Professional Secrets.” This initial “professional talent” costs nothing in AP and is in addition to other talents a player selects. It requires no saving rolls, is always successful, and can be invoked at any time, up to once per combat round.

Thereafter, as the character progresses, they may choose to take another course in “special studies” instead of a talent from the regular talent lists, at the same AP cost as any other talent. However, the professional talents will never require a saving roll, will always be successful, and can be invoked at any time, up to once per combat round. A character’s free first-level “normal” talent can come from this list of professional talents (with the benefit of being a special talent) or from the general talent list (which must be handled with saving rolls and all the other mechanics of talents).

If some of this is confusing, remember that newly-created first-level characters get talents this way:

ONE “normal talent” automatically for being first level.
and now, ONE professional “special studies” talent, limited by their character type.
They can select a SECOND professional “special studies” talent instead of their “normal talent”.

Thereafter, as characters level up, they can acquire up to two talents per level –
ONE “normal talent” for going up a level
The option of ONE additional “normal talent” which has to be purchased with AP (using the basic talent rules).
At any time, they can select another professional “special studies” talent instead of taking a “normal talent.”

A warrior’s “Special Studies” options:
Weapon Proficiency: This is the same as the Weapon Bonus a warrior got previously.
Armor Skill: This is the same as the Armor Bonus a warrior got previously.

A wizard’s “Special Studies” options:
Adept: Wizards can choose one school of magic (any one of the ten schools of magic), and thereafter any spell from that school of magic costs -3 WIZ points to cast. Magicians can take studies in the SAME school of magic up to three times (paid for as a talent), allowing them an additional reduction of casting cost thus: -3 the first time a given school is taken, -5 the second time that same school is taken, and -10 the third time that school is taken. As always, no spell can be cast for less than 1 WIZ.

A rogue’s “Special Studies” options:
Magical Studies: Like a wizard’s Adept ability, the rogue can choose one school of magic, and thereafter spells from that school cost -3 WIZ points to cast. However, rogues can only take a maximum of TWO schools of magic (total, including another taken later, after gaining “life experience” in the form of level increases, or spending AP), and may NOT take the same school of magic more than once. (If they were more studious, they would have been mages to begin with.)

Deadliness: a rogue is able to take a warrior’s Weapon Proficiency in one of these categories of weapon, and all weapons in the chosen category can get the Weapon Proficiency bonus. No proficiency bonus is available for a weapon over 4d6.
bows (up to 4d6)
unclassified hand-to-hand weapons
unusual projectile and thrown weapons (up to 4d6)
Stealth and Subterfuge: a rogue can take any one of these talents as a professional secret, with the added advantages of no saving rolls, always successful, and can be invoked at any time, up to once per combat round.
Physically agile:
Manually dexterous:
sleight of hand
lock picking
Potion mastery:
Cleverness (IQ skill checks succeed automatically except for fumble roll, up to 3 levels above the character’s level)
Charming (CHR skill checks succeed automatically except for fumble roll, up to 3 levels above the character’s level)

Sample Spells

In other news: Sometime in the next 30 days (probably less) we will be releasing the magic system and spellbook for dT&T as a PDF to those of you who have pledged on the dT&T Kickstarter or are on our playtester list. We are pulling all the stops to get the rules finished up and are in the last laps of the editing process. We are very sorry it has taken so long, but hang on just a bit longer – dT&T is coming!


I’d like to express my thanks to the other members of the Fellowship of the Troll–Liz Danforth, Steve Crompton, Bear Peters–who have been working hard to make Deluxe the best game it can possibly be.

–Ken St. Andre

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T & T Newsletter

For those who aren’t subscribing to this, I thought I’d republish this week’s Tunnels and Trolls newsletter. Note that Steve Crompton is working hard on getting the whole 18 level spellbook finished in this format.

Welcome to issue #18 of the Tunnels and Trolls Newsletter. We begin this issue with a big thanks to Steve Crompton for providing a little magic…


DT&T Preview: This is a sample of what the final spellbook will look like. Note the symbols to the right of the spell names: they represent two of the eight schools of magic, clairvoyant and cosmic respectively. There’s talk amongst the Fellowship of the Troll regarding both the impact of schools on learning as well as kindred-specific effects and modifiers—a conversation no doubt to expand to the Kickstarter backers when the beta comes out soon. 

update to this story: Liz Danforth has given Steve the full magic section. There are 30 pages containing 113 spells distributed through 18 levels. There are an additional 10 pages of material that discusses the how and why of Trollworld magic.  This was the last major section of the rulebook to be finished. From now on, it’s tweaks, fine tuning, and Elaborations.  So 2015 for sure.–Ken

Trollszine! Updates: Trollbridge member Gaptooth has agreed to take over the reins for at least the next issue. The latest regarding his plans and needs can be found at the Trollbridge, the home for the Trollszine: (
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Product announcement: Rarr! I’m A Monster Publishing has released the second level of Charlie Fleming’s Pocket Delve adventures, Pocket Delve Deuce. The Pocket Delve products are solo adventures that feature a novel mechanic for determining which encounters appear and which ones players will engage. Both products come in full-size and POCKETMOD editions for slaughter on the go. Get yours (bundled or as individual purchases) at:

Copyright infringement update: Last issue, we covered Rich Johnston’s efforts to call attention to the illegal modification and sale of T&T products. Since then:

News from Khaghbboommm: Mark Thornton has let us know that his solo, Missing In Action, is approaching the 2000-paragraph mark. He’s also published a working list of the adventure’s locations.

Until this latest magnum opus launches, Mark has also released his own take on geopolitics in the diceless solo dungeon, Zyrian Atrocities.  It’s free and available

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