In the Beginning

One of the stretch goals offered for the DT&T kickstarter was a reprint of the first edition of Tunnels and Trolls.  In the beginning I only made 100 of those.  I reprinted it in another 100 copy edition during the 90s, and that’s all there was.

Now we have copies in print again, and since I take care of Trollhalla first, I want to make you all a special offer.  If you’d like to see what the original Tunnels and Trolls rules looked like, you can get an autographed (reprint) first edition from me.  Steve Crompton has digitally cleaned it up a bit, but you’re still getting the original game, complete with the battered typeface of my old 1917 Remington Paragon typewriter.  We will sell copies at GenCon for $10 each.  Members of Trollhalla in the USA can get it for $10 with the postage included.  People in other countries will have to pay $12 for one.

Not a tunnel or a troll in sight.

Not a tunnel or a troll in sight.

This is a call to see how many copies I will need.  For tvp, please tell me, will you buy a 1st edition autographed reprint from me?  If you want one, send $10 in the USA or $12 outside the USA via Paypal to

A close examination of the contents will show just how much T & T changed between my first edition, and the 5th editon.  Talk about Old School!  This is as Old School as it gets.

Back to back on the back as we go back.

Back to back on the back as we go back.

That’s the first half of my offer for anyone who sees this page. Here comes the second half.

As part of the KS incentives, I wrote an original solo dungeon to go with the first edition rules.  That had never been done before.  We were already into the 2nd edition before the idea of making solo adventures for them was born.

The solo is called SAVING FANG FROM THE PITS OF MORGUL, and it arose from a throwaway line in the first edition text.  It stars two of my favorite T & T characters.  Cherry was the first female character I ever role-played.  Slather the Troll was just a fictional creation for my first ever T & T short story: “Murder at the Ruptured Troll.”  These two are sidekick characters for your character in Saving Fang.

For the first time ever, I’m offering Saving Fang, either separate, or included with your order for the 1st edition.  It is written for 1st edition rules, and you sort of need the first edition to play it, but you could wing it with any other edition.  I’m offering it at the same great deal as the first edition.  $8 for the solo and $2 for postage.  $10 in the USA and $12 outside of it. These are both 48 page books, so I won’t save much on postage by putting it in the same envelope, if it will even fit.  But I think it would be kind of cool to get not only the first edition, but the only first edition solo at the same time.

So for double tvp, tell me if you want a copy of Saving Fang also.  Your answer can be NO, and you still get the points.  What could be fairer than that.

Once I get a count on how many copies I need, I’ll start putting together the mailing for First and Fang.  Oh yeah, Simon Tranter (Ramsen Triten in Trollhalla) did the art for Saving Fang.  I am very pleased with it.  Here’s the front cover:

Hordes of the Undead will be your foes in my first necromantic adventure for Tunnels and Trolls.

Hordes of the Undead will be your foes in my first necromantic adventure for Tunnels and Trolls.

You don’t have to pay me right now.  But you do have to tell me if you want one.

This is a good time to be a T & T fan.  A lot of exciting stuff is happening all at once.  I’ll have more news for you next week.