The Winning Character Sheet

The character sheet contest is over.  We had 10 entries.  One of them–mine–was sort of a joke, but then what do you expect from the Trollgod?  Art?  Not likely!

After some effort I got my respondents to rate the entries on a 10 point scale–not according to what is best, but simply what they liked best.  I summed the ratings and divided by the number of raters, and here’s the winner.

Grumlahk’s runic character sheet is a large print edition–very good for those of us with vision problems. Not only did he design the character sheet, but he created this runic version of the alphabet.

Sixteen people managed to vote for this design, and it had an average rating of 7.8.  The next closest was a 7.29 for one of Gaptooth’s designs.  Lowest was my stick figure elf with a 5.2.

Does that mean I’ll use it as the official design for the Deluxe T & T?  Maybe.  I’m considering it.  It has the disadvantage of being a bit hard to read.  It has the advantage of arranging the attributes in two groups: the physical attributes: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity and Speed all depend upon the body, and are listed first; the mental attributes: Intelligence, Wizardry, Luck, and Charisma all depend upon the mind and are listed after the physical ones.  At any rate, Grumlahk won the contest, and I guess I should send him a prize of some sort.

All those who made an effort to vote, and got their votes to me in time, were granted 1000 tvp for their effort.  I think two people waited too long and got their votes in after I had already tallied the results.  Sorry, your votes were not counted.  You had 5 days to state your opinions.