Trollworld Goes Steampunk?

The Fellowship of the Troll

The Fellowship of the Troll

For your viewing enjoyment, here are some of the best pictures we took on the photoshoot for the Fellowship 2 weeks ago. One of these group pictues will be included in the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls package for many of our supporters.

News: Rick has been mailing out the early bird stuff and the little prizes–the magnets, the postcard, the T & T temporary tattoos. Last I heard, he had stuffed and mailed some 600 out of 1600 that he has to send out. If you’ve gotten yours, you’re one of the fortunate 600 near the top of the alphabet. If you haven’t, hang in there. Rick is working on the rest of them.

Meanwhile, look at the pictures above. For tvp, rank them from your most favorite to your least favorite. To get tvp (Trollish Victory Points) you must be a member of the Inner Sanctum, the true Elite of Trollhalla. Exaltedness is not hard to obtain–you just figure it out, and send me an email. Everything you need to know to join the inner circle of fun-loving trolls is on this page somewhere.

I have a lot of pictures from the photoshoot. I’ll share more with you in a day or three. And remember, don’t shoot the piano player!

I’m Bat-Troll


(The following bit of humor comes from Trollhallan Grrrey Wulff, and I’m posting it with his permission.  Artist, game designer, critic, humorist, and Brit, Robin Stacey is the complete package when it comes to 21st century gamng,  I’m sure he only joined Trollhalla to be nice to me–and why he’d wanna do that, I dunno, but I’ll take it.  Known on and the web in general as Greywulf, Robin is a busy fellow, and a continual delight to those who have discovered him.  A wider selection of Robin’s work can be seen here:  Bookmark the page and visit every once in a while.  You will be glad if you do so.–Ken St. Andre)
battroll2 Im Bat TrollFun facts about Bat-TrollBat-Troll has a Bat-mobile. It hangs from his ceiling and is made of real bats

Bat-Troll lives in a cave. His secret headquarters is a playboy mansion

Bat-Troll is like several superheroes rolled into one. He has the regeneration of Wolverine, the costume of Batman, the vulnerability to fire of Martian Manhunter and the brains of Superman

Bat-Troll does not have a sidekick. Bat-Troll ate him

Bat-Troll’s gloves do not fit

Bat-Troll’s parents were killed by a passing adventuring party. Bat-Troll saw a bat fly through the doorway. This isn’t unusual. I mentioned he lives in a cave, right?

Bat-Troll does not have a utility belt. Bat-Troll cannot spell utility belt


{Friends, the material here doesn’t have to be deadly dull game material about Tunnels and Trolls.  Any kind of game tie-in is sufficient.  In fact, deadly dull doesn’t go well with T & T.  Don’t make me do all the work myself–I’d like to see more content here for Trollhalla, and that is going to mean you talented members of the Elite are going to have do things and post them here.  H’aaarrrggghhh!  Khenn Arrth (aka Ken St. Andre) }