Trollworld Roads

Our world has roads that link pretty much every place to every other place, but the ancient world did not have such things. People didn’t travel much. Merchants had caravans or followed overland trails made by those who had gone before, or they put everything on a boat and sailed to their destination, but mostly when people travelled they just took off overland. The Romans changed everything. They went out and made roads, at least within the empire they made roads, and because they had roads, they could move their armies faster than most of their foes. They could also move goods and people around better. They even made roads in gods-forsaken corners of the empire like Britain. Khazan_Road (1) We are concerned with Trollworld. Are there many roads on Trollworld? I kind of think there are, even if the official Trollworld map doesn’t show them. There has been a Great Khazan Road connecting Khazan to Khosht since the earliest days of T & T. There’s a road leading out of Gull into the wilderness, even if we don’t know of any other cities on Phoron. There are roads following the shorelines of the Dragon’s Throat, and a road running downriver from Khosht to Knor. Yorrdamma Vrash has done a lot of world creation in Trollworld. He believes in roads. Here’s a map he sent me, and it seems like the road, and what you can reach on it is the main feature. For tvp, send me an email ( telling me what you think of the roads question. For lots of points, send me a map of your corner of Trollword (or whatever world you play in) and if there are roads between important places, be sure to show them. Note that roads are not the same as streets. Most cities and towns have streets. At first they were just the space between buildings, but as things got more organized, roads were actually planned, and sometimes even paved. Kings and nobles really hate mucking around in mud and dust. Streets allow one to get around on the ground inside urbs of different sorts. Roads connect urbs and other places with lots of non-urban space in between. Khaghbbooomm has commented on the roads in his part of the world. He says:

travel features a lot in the games on the Kraken Continent. I attach a map – roads are marked in green and underground canals in blue. There are not many major roads: distances are too great and the population too sparse; powerful wizards use spells, of course. There are many caravan routes and small, rough roads but most overland travel away from Khaboom requires a degree of protection. Dwarves have hacked out some underground canals (there are no major surface rivers); the seas to the west are dominated by kraken so shipping is not a viable option to connect the bigger towns in the west to other coasts.
Kraken_Map_with roads and canals
Here’s another roads contribution, this one from Europe. It shows a bit of that very first road I imagined to link Khosht and Khazan. It doesn’t show the riverside road between Khosht and Knor, but that’s ok. I don’t think I ever said much about that one, or showed it on any previous map of Rrr’lff.  It’s kind of interesting that the road penetrates into the desert for a ways and then just stops. It looks like it should continue on to Kartejan, but it doesn’t. It just stops. Methinks there is a story there. You know, there is a subterranean city of giant scorpion riders down there in that part of the desert somewhere (as told in my GM adventure HOT PURSUIT). Could the road have come too close to their hidden base, thus prompting attack after attack until the road-building was abandoned?
Carte du poitrail du dragon bis

Cartographers, show me your stuff! –end

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Serving the Evil Overlord

You know, I’m older than dirt, but I’m still a kid.  That’s why a map like this still delights me.

Where the Evil Overlord keeps his monsters . . .

Where the Evil Overlord keeps his monsters . . .

This is the latest mini-solo that I’ve written. I did it for TexiCon and a special event they were having. Apparently 1500 were printed, and planned as a giveaway for a convention. It’s a very basic adventure. It has tunnels. It has a troll. Also an ogre, lots of goblins, a gakk, a glikk, and cave spiders. And you can go fishing. 🙂

You definitely get to be a legendary hero in this adventure. Are you up to it?

Now you know what a trollhammer looks like.

Now you know what a trollhammer looks like.

Considering my obsession with the great Fungus Forest, maybe I should have called this game Mushrooms and Monsters instead.

(Note: if you are not a member of Trollhalla, but would like to get a copy of this game, email me, and we’ll work something out. You’re not gonna find it in your local game store.)