New Way of Sending Messages to all Trollhallans

I don’t like forums for communication, although they work pretty well for online gaming. I need a way to send the important messages of Trollhalla to all our members, inner and outer sanctum alike. The first message has been posted tonight. You can find it here. When I have a new message for you all, I will post a little note like this on the outer sanctum. I hope to also get a link on the Outer Sanctum to this special message/blog. This blog will be an important place for feedback within Trollhalla, so use it wisely, members.

Here’s the link:   Messages to Trollhallans

New Way of Sending Messages to all Trollhallans
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One thought on “New Way of Sending Messages to all Trollhallans

  1. If I did this correctly, I’m subscribed by either an RSS (Really Subscribed Sometime) or RRS (Really, Really Subscribed). If I did this incorrectly, then I’m being pulled over by a traffic cop for typing on my desktop computer while driving. Or maybe because of the long, long, long extension cord running out the driver’s window leading all the way home.

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