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One of the questions frequently recommended for the future Trollhalla FAQ is to explain all the acronyms.  What does TVP mean?  How about BLTG?  TGP?  PP? AP? and so forth.

I promise, I’ll put those answers in the FAQ, or maybe just a link to this page.  (GRIN–that stands for grin)

The Trollgod is a very lazy guy.  (If I weren’t so lazy there would be a hella lot more t & t material available.)  He rebels against spelling things out when a short form is available.  Acronyms are short phrases composed of the the first letters of words in a phrase.  Here are some of the important ones for Trollhalla.

T&T–Tunnels and Trolls–the 2nd fantasy rpg to be published in the USA–the first to actually have the text copyrighted.

BLTG–Better Lucky Than Good.  No, it doesn’t mean Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Goblin sandwich.  I’m sure you could make up lots of meanings for BLTG.  It refers to the Trollgod’s belief that Luck is the best thing in the world.  Luck will save you when nothing else will.  Luck cannot be quantified or explained–it is simply being in the right place at the right time.  If you are in the right place, good things will happen to you, or perhaps bad things won’t happen to you.  In Trollhalla’s Inner Sanctum there is a place to post your messages called the trollwalla.  It’s kind of like Twitter, only without any limit  on how much you can post.  People put greetings, commercials, daily updates, videos, pictures, links, and whatever else they want to on the walla for all to see.  If you post exactly 7 spaces ahead of the Trollgod, who pops in and out of Trollhalla at irregular intervals, you will get 700 TVP for being in the right place at the right time.  That’s B LTG.

TVP–Trollish Victory Points.  Some have called them Trollish Value Points, because they act sort of like green stamps (do they still have green stamps?).  In an effort to keep things entertaining for the members of Trollhalla, ye Trollgod awards points for activity of various sorts.  If you login to  Trollhalla you get points.  If you click on links, you get points.  If you post on the walla, sometimes you get points.  If  you support Tunnels & Trolls by buying things you get points.  If you amuse the Trollgod by telling a joke or contributing a poem, you get points.  These points are TVP.  They serve two functions in Trollhalla.  1.  They are like adventure points in the T & T game–you can spend them to improve your attributes.  2.  They are a rough measure of how active you are in Trollhalla and the T & T community.  Thus they confer the prestige of accomplishment on those who have a lot of them.  And yes, I give myself TVP for all the things I do in Trollhalla, playing by the same rules as the other members.

TGP–Trollish Glory Points.  While we all enjoy T & T and do things to support the game or the club, some people do more.  Glory points are awarded for outstanding contributions to the T & T community.  They are a subjective award that only the Trollgod can give.  If you create a new solo adventure and get a copy to the Trollgod, you might get 1 glory point.  Khayd’haik has done many important programming tasks to make Trollhalla work.  He got 1 glory point for each of them.  Glory points have a rough value of 1000 TVP each, but the conversion doesn’t work the other way.  You can’t trade victory points for glory points.  You really have to do something glorious to get a glory point.

KISS–Keep It Simple, Stupid!  Actually, I don’t use the Stupid part, preferring to substitute my own name, St.Andre for the last S.  That’s because it is way too easy to get lost in complexity for its own sake.  Complicated things are often difficult and fascinating, and give a sense of accomplishment when mastered.  They can also be divisive and time-wasting.  KISS is one of the most important maxims of T & T, and refers primarily to our simpler combat system and simpler saving roll system, but it’s a good rule for life in general.

PP–Patron Points.  Trollgod awards 1 Patron Point for each $1 spent promoting Tunnels and Trolls.  I round up on this most of the time.  PP aren’t good for anything at the moment, but I have some ideas for their use in the future.

AP–Appreciation Points are awarded by the Trollgod when he notices that you’ve done something good for Tunnels & Trolls, but doesn’t think it’s quite enough to merit a glory point.  Typically, writing a blog entry is worth an AP.  Creating a piece of T & T art might be worth one.  Again APs have no real value yet, but may be worth something more than mere bragging rights in the future.

ap–adventure points.  Also known as experience points, these are rewards gained while roleplaying T & T.  They can be cashed in to improve attributes.  Their main source is from attempting saving rolls during the game, but they are also awarded for killing foes or good role-playing.

GP–Gold Pieces.  The simplified currency of the Trollworld.  1 GP is roughly equal to 1 U.S. dollar.  Roughly.  Very roughly.  By the same logic, SP stands for silver piece; CP stands for copper piece.  And BP stands for British Petroleum. (Heh!  I couldn’t resist.)

Of course, all the attributes can be abbreviated in this fashion.  For example, strength can either be ST or STR of in French FOR.  One that people don’t seem to naturally understand is CA–combat adds.  Combat adds are the damage capability a character brings to a fight by virtue of superior Strength, Luck, Dexterity, and Speed.  Likewise, MA are missile adds–the same as CA but with Dexterity adds counting double.

TTYF!–Take That You Fiend!–the basic combat spell in T&T.  Visualized as a bolt of purple light, it does damage to the target equal to the caster’s Intelligence rating in points.  Example: Khenn has an INT of 157–a level 1 TTYF from him would do 157 points of CON damage to his target/foe.  Bob has an INT of 10–a level one TTYF from Bob would do only 10 points of damage. TTYF spells have no effect on inanimate objects.  You can’t blow up a chair with a TTYF spell.  It is not a fireball.

TKD–Toad-Killer Dog, a member of Trollhalla.  Trollgod just loves that name–it seems the perfect description for the player.

Are there more?  Of course there are.  Many more, but this essay is long enough.  If you see some unfamiliar initials in either T & T or Trollhalla, stop and try to figure them out.  Just remember to KISS.

If you have any alphabet soup combinations you’d like to explain or have explained, go ahead and leave a comment.



Alphabet Soup
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  1. So THAT’s what CA is.

    Although I wasn’t solidly for or against creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list, I think this post makes the need clear. Good explanations! IMHO, this should definitely be part of the FAQ. Thanks for the TVP and consequent CA. Let’s cast TTYF on ignorance!

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