Trollhalla for Everyone!

Ye Trollgod and his Minions greet thee! (art by Greywulf)

I have been thinking about how to make a better site for everyone who likes Tunnels and Trolls.  With advice from the Elite of Trollhalla, I have decided to create an Outer Sanctum to correspond to the Inner Sanctum.  In this outer sanctum we will post all the Tunnels and Trolls news that we can get, including blogs from guest bloggers, art from our artists, news of new developments in Tunnels and Trolls gaming.  If a new T & T product comes out, we will talk about it here.  If new art is created for Tunnels and Trolls, it will appear here.  And if you should decide that you want to be a member of Trollhalla, you will be able to sign up here.

I intend to update this site frequently, daily if I can manage it.  So, come see us often. Leave your comments and questions.  If you have talent, and you want to share it with the T&T world, then get in touch with me, the Trollgod, and you may find your news, thoughts, and information here being shared with the world. And how better to demonstrate your talent than to share with your friends at Trollhalla. Do so, and you may find yourself invited to participate in larger projects–you may find yourself a valued member of the growing community of Tunnels and Trolls writers, artists, and gamers.

Blood and souls for Arioch!
Cheese and biscuits for the Trollgod!
Trollhalla for Everyone!
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