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Ye Trollgod and his Minions greet thee! (art by Greywulf)

I have been thinking about how to make a better site for everyone who likes Tunnels and Trolls.  With advice from the Elite of Trollhalla, I have decided to create an Outer Sanctum to correspond to the Inner Sanctum.  In this outer sanctum we will post all the Tunnels and Trolls news that we can get, including blogs from guest bloggers, art from our artists, news of new developments in Tunnels and Trolls gaming.  If a new T & T product comes out, we will talk about it here.  If new art is created for Tunnels and Trolls, it will appear here.  And if you should decide that you want to be a member of Trollhalla, you will be able to sign up here. Continue reading «Trollhalla for Everyone!»

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Troll in Tunnel courtesy of artist David O. Miller at GenCon 2014.

Troll in Tunnel courtesy of artist David O. Miller at GenCon 2014.

I’m back from GenCon and mostly recovered from the trip. I ran 3 short sessions of Tunnels and Trolls for about 21 gamers, and missed the 4th one by a misunderstanding. The gamers thought I didn’t show up; I thought they didn’t show up. We  were separated by 2 rooms in a hotel corridor. Grrrrrrrrrr!

I did sell quite a few copies of the first edition reprint, and of the Deluxe T & T beta rules.  I have about 4 copies of each left over.  And I’m offering signed copies of them to anyone who reads this page. The reprint facsimile of the first edition is $10 plus $3 postage inside the USA.  The Deluxe Beta rules is $25 plus $5 postage in the USA. People outside the USA could buy them, but they would have to add an additional $10 for postage instead of $3. If you’re interested, send me an email to verify that there are any left–

In other news a beautiful book was waiting for me when I got home. It is called Drachenvater and is, of course, about That Other Game, and Mr. Gygax and Mr. Arneson. T & T gets a 2 page mention near the end of the book. The authors are Tom Hillenbrand and Konrad Lischka. The publisher is Octopus Press, and it’s all in German. I know enough German to read it with only occasional trips to the dictionary. But, the real charm of the book is in the full color illustrations throughout.  See below.

German_GamebookNow, it’s the final push to get the rules finished. The big news in gaming has been the release of the Player’s version of D & D 5.  I haven’t looked at it, and don’t intend to, but I’m probably the only frp gamer in the country who won’t.



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Lucky 13


Welcome to issue #13 of the Tunnels and Trolls Newsletter: We’ll get to the news of the newsletter later on, but the game and its players always come first:

Deluxe T&T Update: We have a few tidbits from Steve Crompton…

  • Due to playtester demand, the final rulebook will have a weapons glossary done in the style of the classic fifth edition. (But don’t think the Trollgod has gone soft since the day he wrote, “If you see an unfamiliar name just look it up,” as a prelude to the extensive weapon tables in the first set of rules.) The glossary will also have new weapon illustrations from Steve Crompton to complement Liz Danforth’s drawings.
  • All members of the Fellowship of the Troll (FOTT) are confirmed for Trollcon, July 18-20. (Details here: They will be hosting games and discussions of the rules.
  • As for the rules themselves, the FOTT and its playtesters are now focused primarily on higher level magic, insuring balance as spell and wizard levels increase.
  • Finally, the cover is coming along. We’re not going to show you what it looks like now, but here’s a a tease Liz posted in the planning stages:

July is T&T Month on Facebook!: We haven’t quite convinced Mark Zuckerberg to start adding consonants to a last name begging for a trollish upgrade, but a few thousand of your closest friends who remember RPGs before PDF’s have featured our game in the Old School Roleplaying group. On Facebook? Join the party at

Product Update:  Mark Thornton’s Arena of Kaboom, (detailed in our last issue) is now available as a PDF. Get yours at:

Call for Submissions: The Snollygoster is hungry again. Charlie Fleming of Rarr! I’m A Monster Publishing needs T&T related material for issue #4 of The Snollygoster. (Previous issues can be found here:

Questions? Submissions? Email Charlie at with “Snollygoster” in the subject line.

Newsletter feature—play-by-post: The games, players, are out there, but many readers have asked us, Where? How do I join? When do I know they need players? How these games work?:  Well, here are links to some of the more prominent active games. Watch and learn. Introduce yourself via privatemessages. Make some friends. You have the social skills—after all, you may be trolls, not you’re not trolls. (Ed.: See the Trollhalla Inner Sanctum for Khenn’s efforts at changing Internet conventions.)

From around the Web:

Help wanted:  There’s a semi-official theme of online communities in this issue, but we’ve only [insert cliché of your choice involving peeling layers; scratching and surfaces;  peeling, scratching, and digging…]. We need your help. If you are a frequent reader, contributor or even administrator on or of any of the following:

contact us at: (There may be cookies—and not the Internet kind).

Post-Trollcon, pre-Gencon—expect a return to the physical realm next issue. Until then, have news?  Product releases? Questions?  Comments? Let us know

NEWS DEADLINE FOR ISSUE #14: July 22, 2014
ISSUE #14 RELEASE: July 25, 2014

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