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Ye Trollgod and his Minions greet thee! (art by Greywulf)

I have been thinking about how to make a better site for everyone who likes Tunnels and Trolls.  With advice from the Elite of Trollhalla, I have decided to create an Outer Sanctum to correspond to the Inner Sanctum.  In this outer sanctum we will post all the Tunnels and Trolls news that we can get, including blogs from guest bloggers, art from our artists, news of new developments in Tunnels and Trolls gaming.  If a new T & T product comes out, we will talk about it here.  If new art is created for Tunnels and Trolls, it will appear here.  And if you should decide that you want to be a member of Trollhalla, you will be able to sign up here. Continue reading «Trollhalla for Everyone!»

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Legal Deeds for Grand Panjandrums and other Rulers

Tonight, Steve showed me the deed he made up to send to all those worthies who bought land in Trollworld. Of course, you owners get to inscribe your own names and titles but these will be real collectibles. What other game ever gave out deeds of ownership in other worlds?




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We’re Working on It

Check the pix below. The trade paper edition of Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls has been printed and is now in possession of Flying Buffalo Inc. Mailing out copies to all the people who supported the kickstarter project is a massive undertaking, but it has started. I hope you’re at the top of the alphabet. :)


I hate this picture, because I forgot to wear my hat into the print shop, and when Steve Crompton took the picture it shows me as I really am instead of my awesome trollish self. But, the big news is: THE BOOK IS DONE. These trade papers are gorgeous and impressive, and are going in the mail to supporters as fast as humanly possible for the Buffalo staff to get it done.

Meanwhile, the hardbacks should finish their binding sometime this upcoming week. They are a bit trickier.  For one thing they require endpages to be bound into the book as part of the covers. Those pages are printed, but had not reached the bindery yet on Friday when I saw them.  They look like this:

large old paper or parchment background texture

large old paper or parchment background texture

Also, since there will be actual “boards” for the hard cover (it’s cardboard, but specially treated to be a hardback book), and it will be gold stamped but not printed on, then in order to give the hardback the Danforth front cover, we had to make inserts to be glued into place. I don’t really understand the details, but it shall be done. The inserts have been printed. They will need to be cut and attached to the the hardbacks.  This is all a big job for Roswell Bookbinding, and I am hopping up and down with impatience to see how it will come out.



Incidentally, this is what the book looks like inside in the color section. You’re seeing my GMing copy, spiral bound to lay flat on a table. The perfect bound books that you get won’t do this–the pages are glued to the spine.


So, we are almost at the end of the trail.  To those who have supported the project, I say, hang in there, you will have your copies soon.



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What If T & T Were an Anime RPG?

I would probably spend more time inside Trollhalla if I didn’t spend so much on Facebook and Twitter. Occasionally, I have interactions with Trollhallans in those other venues as well. Today, I saw my English friend Greywulf–something of an rpg designer himself, but also really good at rendering things. He had just posted this picture.


and I loved it, favorited it, and retweeted it. That led to this exchange:

  1. owwww! Look out, jabberwock! Alice has the vorpal blade.

  2. And the blade went snicker-snack!

  3. She makes me want to go snicker snack. Can we rotate the pic 180 degrees. I’d like to see it from the front–perhaps a foe behind

In less than an hour he came up with this (i do so love it when an artist is both fast and good.)


I think the correct phrase is “photobombed”.

  1. awesome! May I put that on Trollhalla?

  2. of course 😀

    12:36 PM – 9 Aug 2015 · Details

Now, the whole thing is just some light-hearted fun between Greywulf and Trollgodfather, and I hope you’re enjoying it, too . . . but it made me wonder? Is this kinda how they see the game in Japan? If I thought of the game as anime instead of Marvel comics a la Howard could it come out looking this way? Would it change the way we look at the game or play it?

Because, the truth is, a few people are still playing T & T in Japan and the man making up new adventures for them was kind enough to send me copies of the books. It’s solid Japanese from cover to cover, and I really only recognize one kanji character. They look like this:



What do you think? Would you play T & T as an anime version of itself?


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