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Ye Trollgod and his Minions greet thee! (art by Greywulf)

I have been thinking about how to make a better site for everyone who likes Tunnels and Trolls.  With advice from the Elite of Trollhalla, I have decided to create an Outer Sanctum to correspond to the Inner Sanctum.  In this outer sanctum we will post all the Tunnels and Trolls news that we can get, including blogs from guest bloggers, art from our artists, news of new developments in Tunnels and Trolls gaming.  If a new T & T product comes out, we will talk about it here.  If new art is created for Tunnels and Trolls, it will appear here.  And if you should decide that you want to be a member of Trollhalla, you will be able to sign up here. Continue reading «Trollhalla for Everyone!»

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The Curses of Arahk Gnahk

We take you now from the dusty streets of Baru-Kesh to the hallowed halls of the Great Library of Khazan, where I’m sure you’ll want to look at the librarian’s latest book:


As uruks go, this guy must have been amazing in life. Do you see that he managed to keep all of his teeth in practically perfect condition?

A sample from the introduction:

Uruk spells and enchantments are all thought of as curses, because they always cost the user strength. All enchanted items are thought to be cursed items. A curse may be cast directly by hand, or from a cursed item by using a trigger word. The caster must have sufficient kremm and strength to power the spell, but uruks would only notice the loss of strength. The strength loss manifests as a kind of cold light flickering around the caster in shades of violet, and this accounts for a brief increase in the caster’s charisma for about 10 minutes while the effect lasts.


In other news, the latest developments for T & T on the internet will be posted here. I think I’ll make a list that is ten items long and when I get to the 11th the 1st will rotate off, but I think I’ll just let the count continue.


2. has been reviewed by Duncan Beach. He is very kind, and it’s always interesting to see what others think we are doing. You can find the review here:

3. Ken St. Andre and Steve Crompton have started the process of doing a new edition of Goblin Lake for Deluxe T & T. Goblin Lake was first produced in 1979, written by Ken and illustrated by Liz Danforth. Ken expanded the adventure in 1994, but those new paragraphs were never added to the original Flying Buffalo production. Patrice Geille made a few minor changes for his French edition in 2015, some of which will be retained in the deluxe production. This new version will incorporate the use of Talents into the game system. The art by Simon Tranter of England is whimsical and mostly unseen by American gamers. Ken and Steve hope to have the new version of Goblin Lake ready in time for Origins, but will definitely have it before TrollCon and GenCon.


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I Wonder what it’s like in Baru-Kesh


The latest T & T solo by a member of Trollhalla. Grab your sword and go adventuring.  Here is how it starts. I love the idea that Jerry gives you multiple ways to get into his adventure.

7a Where was your character’s last adventure?

                  In a city, go to 8a

                  In a dungeon, go to 9a

                  Other, or you currently live in Baru-Kesh, go to 10a


There has been at least 3 things published for T & T in the last month or so by members of Trollhalla other than me. I really should try to give our creative members their due.

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Make Love

It almost worked for Khazan. The insidious ineluctability spell had cloaked all of his followers, and the disperse signal had warned them to move. The soup turned to stone that the dwarves threw missed . . . all except one that clobbered an elf that dodged right into it.  When Lori-beth-Lori took damage–a badly bruised thigh, the spell shattered and all the elves reappeared.

This convinced Gristlegrim that rock was the dwarves best weapon against the elves. He moved as quickly as he could among his followers casting the spell Rock Skin on each of them. The spell caused the dwarves’ already tough skin to harden into a rocky outer layer that still functioned as skin, giving each one an armor casing that would take hits up to their own CON ratings. With each dwarf having a CON fo 30 or higher, it was like they were all encased in the best magical plate armor.

But Khazan decided to try a different approach. Muttering his spell (Overwhelming Personal  Elegance Compels Acquiescence) he quickly danced his way into the midst of the dwarves and began laying hands upon them–not with any intention of harming, but simply to bestow caresses, all the while he kept his spell working–a spell that made anyone with a charisma less than that of the caster turn friendly to the one enchanting them. The only dwarf that could possibly match Khazan would be Grisltegrim himself, and the old elf was careful not to try it on him, nor to let Gristlegrim catch him in his rocky, rocky arms.

For tvp, please tell me, who gets the better of this exchange?


This is the last of the wizards’ duel match-ups. I have not covered every spell within the two books. For better understanding of what each spell does, and of the different magics of the two kindreds be sure to get your own copy of ROCK AND RULE (dwarves)  and THE SPELL BOOK OF SHANCINAR (elves).  I have 2 sets left to sell, and can get more if I’m overwhelmed, or you get them at 1/5 the price I’m asking as pdfs from


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